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Domain verification
As part of 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement, all ICAAN accredited registra... more
How do I transfer my domain to Hosting24?
If you wish to transfer a domain from your current registrar to us, you can do s... more
Domain is on redemption period/pending delete status
The domain name has been placed for deletion on the domain registry database, be... more
Make add-on domain NOT reachable via domain.com/addondomain.com
By default all add-on domains have folders generated inside the public_html fold... more
When will you register my domain?
All domains are activated within 2-4 hours. The activation is automated on the s... more
I have registered an account but my new domain does not work
To explain this issue in a little bit more detail: When you register for an acc... more
.hu TLD registry requirements
The .hu TLD registry has special requirements for domains before nameservers can... more
Can I have my domain deleted?
Domain names can not be canceled/deleted. If you don't need your domain anymore,... more
Can you release my domain for transfer?
We do not handle domain transfers as they are performed automatically. Usually,... more
How can I park domains?
In order to park domain names, login to cPanel and click Aliases (or Parked doma... more
What is my EPP key/domain transfer authorization code?
Please open Members area and then open up the List Domains page (second icon fro... more
How can I lock my domain?
You can not lock your domain here. If you are worried that someone else may tran... more
Can you renew my domain (registered with other registrar) when it expires?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if your domain is registered with anothe... more
Can I get only free domain without hosting?
In order to get free domain name, you must sign up for hosting service and pay f... more
Why do I see 'Registration Service Provided By: WWW.HOSTING24.COM' in whois?
If domain whois privacy is enabled, text 'Registration Service Provided By: WWW.... more
Can I keep my domain after canceling my account?
To keep your domain after canceling the account, You can switch to our "domain o... more
Can I host domains with special symbols here?
We do not support domains with special characters (such as "_" or "%"). However ... more
Domain does not work with "www"
You need to check your DNS zone settings to see if you have an "A" record for "w... more
Can I host more domains with Silver plan?
Silver plan allows hosting only single domain contents (you can also create subd... more
Do you register international domains?
You can find the list of domain extensions that we register or accept transfers ... more
How to transfer my free domain to another registrar?
To transfer your domain to another registrar, please simply start domain transfe... more
How to enable domain privacy?
Domain privacy can be purchased from List Domains -> Set Domain Privacy secti... more
What domain name extensions can I host?
You can host all domain name extensions on our servers without any problems. more
Where to point my domain?
You can get instructions how to point your domain to our name servers from the c... more