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Inode limit
Hosting24 has a limit of inodes. You can see your limit by accessing your cPanel... more
How can I enable INTL?
It is really simple to enable INTL here at Hosting24, you should login to your c... more
cPanel icons missing
There may be a few causes for this issue: 1. You are using CloudFlare and tryin... more
Why is subdomain created after I add an add-on domain?
Creating an addon domain in the cPanel interface automatically creates a subdoma... more
How to generate private key and CSR?
You need to generate a csr and a private key on the server that the certificate ... more
How many cron jobs can I setup?
You can setup unlimited cron job tasks on our platform. more
Can phpMyAdmin be upgraded?
Upgrading phpMyAdmin to a version beyond what cPanel quality assurance team has ... more
How to log CRON job activity to file, not email?
It is possible to log cron job activity into files, instead of the e-mail. Plea... more
Can I create multiple logins to my cPanel for my friends?
It is not actually possible to create multiple cPanel logins but you can create ... more
How can I reset the cPanel interface settings to defaults?
You can reset the cPanel settings to default values by scrolling down to the bot... more
I can not extract .rar files via cPanel file manager
We do not support .rar files extraction on our servers. Please re-upload a .zip... more
How can I configure website redirects?
All types of redirects can be added/configured/removed using 'Redirects' section... more
How to create a full backup on my pc?
These are the steps to perform a full backup of your account: 1. Enter cPanel ... more
What is the port for Ruby on Rails?
Ruby On Rails works on port 12005 by default, and you can access it via http://y... more
Do you offer Secure (https) Connection to cPanel?
It is possible to connect to cPanel via https. Please use this link to connect t... more
Lets encrypt SSL cannot be added (The Let's Encrypt HTTP challenge failed)
If you receive an error message such as "The Let's Encrypt HTTP challenge failed... more
How to restore a backup?
To restore a backup, please login to your cPanel and go to Backups section. You... more
How to create a backup?
To create a backup, please login to your cPanel and go to Backups section. You w... more
What are the differences between subdomain, parked domain and add-on domain?
Sub domain * Lets say your domain is mysite.com. * You install a Message Boa... more
I can access site but not cPanel or webmail
If your site works fine but cPanel or webmail fails to load, there is a problem ... more
How to change cPanel password?
If you are having issues with the cPanel / FTP password, please try to change it... more
How to run cronjob?
Please use this example command to run cronjob: php -f /home/YOUR_CPANEL_USERN... more
How to host multiple domains?
You may host multiple domain names with a Gold or Reseller hosting package. The ... more
How can I password protect my website / folders ?
To create a password protected folder you need to go to cPanel and click on "Dir... more