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What is the MySQL hostname?
Our MySQL hostname is: localhost In case you are trying to find the hostname fo... more
Can I access phpMyAdmin directly?
Currently the phpMyAdmin that is installed in cPanel cannot be accessed directly... more
Error establishing a database connection
If you get the message 'Error establishing a database connection' it usually mea... more
What is the database information_schema I can see in my phpMyAdmin, do i need it?
The database "information_schema" is the information database where the informat... more
How to change MYSQL username or password
If you want to change MySQL user password, navigate to cPanel-> MySQL Databas... more
What is my database socket path?
The default location for the Unix socket file that the server uses for communica... more
How can I fix/repair and optimize database myself?
You can optimize / repair your database via phpMyAdmin: 1. Log into cPanel and ... more
How can I change my MySQL database collation?
This can be done by using phpMyAdmin and following the instructions below: 1. E... more
How many mysql user connections do you allow (at the same time)?
Our servers are set to use up to 10 simultaneous mysql connections for one mysql... more
Is CREATE VIEW operation supported on your MySQL server?
MySQL CREATE VIEW operation is fully supported. more
How can I recover MySQL password?
If you could not remember MySQL password, you may need to re-create it (MySQL pa... more
What is your MySQL server timeout?
Our servers have MySQL timeout limit set to 20 seconds by default. This limit is... more
How do I set new mysql Database/user up?
You can setup new (view existing) MySQL database, username and password anytime.... more
Are MySQL heap tables supported?
MySQL heap tables are supported and can be used on our servers. more
What MySQL storage engines are supported on your servers?
Our servers support MyISAM, InnoDB, Memory, BlackHole, Example, Archive, CSV and... more
How can I run MySQL query manually?
If you need to launch MySQL query manually, please use the phpMyAdmin tool which... more
How can I modify database charset?
You can modify database charset using phpmyadmin at any time. Select database y... more
How can I create MySQL trigger?
Current version of cPanel does not support MySQL triggers, but this feature has ... more
Unable to establish a PHP session.
If you are getting error "Access Denied. Unable to establish a PHP session." whe... more
What is MySQL port?
MySQL port (both for local and remote connections) is 3306. more
I can not create database with phpMyAdmin
All databases should be created using cPanel. It's impossible to create a new da... more
How to import/export database?
To import/export a MySQL database you need to follow these simple steps: - If y... more
MySQL timeout errors
If you experience MySQL timeouts, it's possible you are using heavy or very long... more
How to use remote MySQL?
If you are trying to connect to MySQL from a remote location (e.g. from your com... more