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How to host multiple domains?

You may host multiple domain names with a Gold or Reseller hosting package. The process can be started in your cPanel -> Addon Domain section. 

The domain that you are planning to add must be registered and owned by you, otherwise, this feature will not work. There will be three sections that you will need to fill in before adding the domain:

  • New Domain Name  - enter the domain name that you are trying to add to your cPanel.
  • Subdomain - it is not possible to create an addon without a subdomain being created, as this is a fundamental principle of the cPanel architecture. You can leave this field blank and cPanel will auto-fill it automatically.
  • Document Root - specifies the main directory of your domain, where files will have to be uploaded. 
  • If required, you may also tick the box to Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain, which will let you generate an extra FTP user with access to the root directory.

After the domain is added, you will need to navigate to your domain registrar and point the domain to our nameservers. You can locate the required nameserver values in Members Area-> List Accounts-> DNS Details section. If your domain was registered with us, you may add the required NS values via Members Area-> List Domains-> Update Nameservers.

Once you modify the DNS of your domain name, it will start working within 24-48 hours due to DNS propagation (usually takes a few hours only).