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How to run php code in .htm and .html documents
For .html files add the following to .htaccess: AddType application/x-httpd-ls... more
Is mbstring enabled on your servers?
Yes, our servers have mbstring enabled by default. more
My site does not work with this PHP version
You can change PHP version for Your cPanel account Yourself. Please navigate to ... more
What is maximum outgoing mail message size?
Maximum incoming and outgoing mail message size is set to 50MB on our servers. more
Can PECL ssh2 be installed?
Due to compatibility reasons it is not possible to install PECL ssh2 on our serv... more
Is mhash supported?
Yes, MHASH support is enabled on our servers by default. more
Do you support suPHP, suApache, suexec or suhosin?
We do not support suPHP, suapache, suexec or suhosin modules. However we run oth... more
Do you support Zend?
Zend is fully supported here. You can run applications encoded with Zend without... more
How to disable output_buffering?
To disable output buffering add the following line to your .htaccess file: php... more
Can you enable / disable allow_url_include?
This function is enabled on our server by default. You can disable this feature... more
Can you enable TLS stream socket transport on PHP?
This feature (PHP sockets) is enabled by default on our servers. more
Do you support php_imap?
Yes, we do support PHP function php_imap on our servers. more
Can you install geoip PECL module for PHP?
Due to security reasons geoip PECL for PHP can not be installed on our servers. ... more
How to disable mod_security?
You can manage Modsecurity for your all your domains via cPanel "Modsecurity" se... more
Do you support mysqli or mcrypt?
Yes, our PHP configuration does support this feature. more
Can you install MagickWand for PHP
MagickWand for PHP is already installed on our servers and you may use it withou... more
How to turn off PHP errors?
To turn off PHP errors from your website please enter the following line to your... more
Can you install APC (Alternative PHP Cache) on the server?
APC can be enabled via Your cPanel PHP extensions. If you need any APC limits c... more
Can I install PECL id3 on your servers?
Due to security reasons it is not possible to install PECL id3 on our servers. more
Is dl() function enabled?
We can not enable this function or enable this loader on our servers for securit... more
Is PHP SOAP Enabled?
PHP SOAP function is fully supported on our servers. more
Is fsockopen enabled?
PHP function fsockopen() is enabled. If You cannot use this function, it might b... more
Do you have zlib installed?
Zlib PHP module is installed and enabled by default on our servers. more
Problem: Browser tries to download PHP file
There might be several ways to fix PHP file download problem: 1. Check the Apac... more
Does PHP mail() function work?
PHP mail() works completely fine. However, You should be aware, that this is sha... more
Is fopen enabled?
Function fopen() is enabled and works without any restrictions on our servers. F... more
What is max upload file size limit on your servers?
The PHP upload_max_filesize limit is set to 128MB on our servers, what means you... more
My PHP max_input_time needs to be set to -1
You can set the max_input_time to "-1", by adding the following line to your .ht... more
PHP safe mode is set to on or off on your servers?
PHP safe mode is set to "off" by default on our server. more
What is your PHP configuration?
You may check your PHP information by creating a PHP script that calls to phpinf... more
What is PHP memory_limit ?
PHP memory_limit is set to 128MB by default and can not be increased any more. I... more
Do you offer pdo and pdo_mysql?
Yes, our servers support pdo and pdo_mysql connections. more
Can I install perl/pear extensions?
Yes, you can install perl/pear extensions from cPanel -> PHP Pear Packages. more
Do you support GD library?
GD library is enabled on our server by default. more
Is PHP open_basedir enabled?
The PHP open_basedir feature is enabled by default here, but we can disable PHP ... more
Is magic_quotes_gpc enabled on your servers?
PHP magic_quotes and magic_quotes_gpc functions are enabled on our server by def... more
Have you enabled allow_url_fopen function?
PHP function allow_url_fopen is enabled by default on our servers. If you get an... more
Can you update php version?
You can change PHP version for your account on your cPanel > Select PHP Versi... more
How to enable register_globals
PHP register_globals setting is set to OFF on our servers for security reasons. ... more
Is mod_rewrite enabled?
mod_rewrite is enabled by default on our servers. more
Can you install additional PHP modules?
Our servers have all popular PHP modules and extensions installed already. If a ... more
Can I edit php.ini?
You can not edit php.ini since this is a shared server, but you can change most ... more
Global server time
Global server time configuration cannot be changed, but you can use PHP function... more
Can you install Zend Optimizer or ionCube?
PHP extensions like Zend Optimizer (Zend Guard) and ionCube are installed on our... more
How to turn off PHP error reporting?
You can turn PHP error reporting on cPanel -> Select PHP Version -> Switch... more
Path to imagemagick / imagick, how to use ImageMagick
ImageMagick is installed on the server and the path to ImageMagick is /usr/bin/c... more