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How to configure an FTP client?

To configure an FTP client, we will first need to gather the account's FTP details. They are located in Members Area-> List Accounts-> File Upload Details section.

There, you will find your FTP Username, FTP Password, FTP Hostname which will be required to make a connection. The password of your main FTP and cPanel account are indentical.

Once you have the details, you'll need to have your FTP client ready. We recommend trying these clients:

After opening your FTP client, enter the details into appropriate boxes and press Quickconnect. Keep in mind that ftp.domain.com hostname will only work if you use our nameservers. In any other case, you may simply use the IP address as your FTP hostname.

You may asked to confirm the server's SSL certificate as trusted. Tick the Always trust certificate in future sessions button to auto confirm this the next time. 

That's it! You should now be connected to your hosting account via FTP client.