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How to set up email account on iPhone

Since our servers support POP3IMAP, and SMTP, setting up an e-mail account on an iPhone will be really quick and easy. To begin, navigate to your cPanel-> E-mail Accounts section.

Look for Set Up Mail Client section near your desired e-mail account and click it.

You will then see the required settings to set up e-mail on your iPhone. We recommend using the Secure SSL/TLS configuration.

After that, open your mail application on iPhone. During your account type selection, choose Other.

In the next step, you will be able to choose between IMAP and POP3. Then you will need to fill in the basic details, such as Name and Email.

Below, you will need to specify your incoming mail server details, which were located in cPanel earlier.

The same procedure will also have to be done for the outgoing mail server.

That's all! Click the Next button to complete your setup and you will be able to manage, send, and receive e-mails using your iPhone.