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Can I change my client account IPs?
It is not possible to assign different IP to your client accounts due to technic... more
Can we re-brand any text/logo's/etc for rvsitebuilder?
We cannot guarantee it will be 100% brandable. Most of the texts on RVSiteBuilde... more
Can my accounts be transferred from plesk server?
The only possible way to automatically transfer Your accounts to cPanel from Ple... more
How do I sell, resell, offer domains for my clients?
There are 2 ways you can offer your clients premium domain names: 1. You can re... more
cPanel `Notices` box is gone in left panel (announcements)
You can edit the content that is shown in the Notice (announcement) box via the ... more
Can you import my old accounts?
We can transfer your hosting accounts from old server if it's running WHM/cPanel... more
Reseller cannot unsuspend client account
Please contact our Help Desk by submitting a ticket and we will assist you as so... more
I cannot create new account for client ('username already exists' error)
Please try using another username when creating a new account in WHM and it shou... more
What are the main differences between shared and reseller packages?
In shared hosting (Silver or Gold plan) all domains use the same control panel. ... more
Can I create custom "account suspended" pages for my clients?
It is possible to create custom suspension pages for all accounts hosted under r... more
Can you enable RV Site Builder demo for my account?
Site builder demo version cannot be enabled for reseller accounts due to securit... more
Can I change WHM language?
Currently, WHM is only available in English. However, cPanel language can be cha... more
Can you enable Softaculous Instant Installs WHM section?
Admin areas for our auto installer are not meant for resellers as we only use it... more
How to edit my clients' cPanel notices?
You can edit Your clients' cPanel notices by logging in to Your WHM and then ent... more
Can I offer RVSiteBuilder to my customers?
If you have a Reseller package, RVSite Builder can also be offered to your custo... more
Will my clients get free domain if I order reseller hosting?
If you order Reseller package, you can get one free domain from us. However, yo... more
Can I offer dedicated IPs for my customers?
You can not offer dedicated IP for your customers, the reason behind it is that ... more
How to change my customer password?
The first step in this process would be to login to your Web Host Manager (WHM) ... more
Can I create a new account with subdomain with reseller package?
You can setup a new account using subdomain easily. Let's say your main domain i... more
How can I bill my customers and accept their payments?
We do not provide payment management solutions, but you can always use 2checkout... more
Do I need to pay commissions for you when using Reseller hosting?
You do not need to pay any commissions to us when using Reseller hosting! You... more
Can I set my own pricing for customers when using Reseller hosting?
You can create any packages and set any prices you want when using Reseller host... more
Do you provide support for reseller customers?
In order to keep our support quality at the top level, we support our direct cus... more
What is overselling? Is it enabled with Reseller hosting?
Overselling, basically, means to sell beyond the means of delivery. Maybe an ex... more
What are the main differences between Starter and Business packages?
Basically Business package offers unlimited space and bandwidth. whereas Starter... more
How many client accounts can I host?
You can host unlimited domains and each domain will have its own cPanel. more