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Can you recommend a good billing system for me?

We have Boxbilling billing software available for free for our resellers.

Please register at http://boxbilling.com with the email You registered on hosting24.com and let us know once You have done so, we will give You the PRO license.

If You have any questions or experience any issues with Boxbilling, please log into Your account at Boxbiling.com (use Your hosting24.com email/password) and submit a ticket there.

Alternatively, You can write directly to [email protected] There are also many different web hosting billing systems around, and your final choice depends on your needs.

For example, we use our custom system.

You can check most popular systems like AWBS, ModernBill, WHMCS to find out which one is the best for you.

If you are looking for a free solution besides BoxBilling, try phpCoin.