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I have registered an account but my new domain does not work

To explain this issue in a little bit more detail:

When you register for an account, you are provided with the hosting space and with the administration tools to manage this hosting space (cPanel and all tools inside). This is the service that is provided on our servers.

The domain name, however, is separate from the hosting package and has to be registered separately in order to be attached to the hosting space. We offer our clients a free domain name with each of the account (we still have to buy it for you on the domain registrar, however, we do not ask for the payment from you).

On the other hand, if you choose to use an existing domain on the account (the one that is already registered on some other domain registrar), you will need to point it to our nameservers (nameservers are like shortcut links that point the domain to search for the files on a specific server). After the nameservers are set on the domain correctly, it will be as a link to the files located on our servers and will function without any issues.

In short, the hosting account is registered with us, but the domain set on the account is not registered on our servers.

If you believe you entered the domain name on the account incorrectly, please let us know the correct domain name (it should not be registered already). You can always check the status and availability of the domain via this website: http://www.who.is If you choose a valid domain name, we will register and set it on the account for you without any additional payments required. Then the linkage between the domain and the hosting account will be managed on our side, and you will not need to worry about it.