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How can I setup email forwarder?

To add a mail forwarder: 1. Click Add Forwarder in your cPanel. 2. You can choose from 3 options: * To forward mail, enter the address to which mail should be forwarded. * It is also possible to discard incoming messages and automatically send a failure notice to the sender. (Incoming messages can also be discarded without an automatic response under the Advanced Options link. That option is not recommended, however, since the sender will be unaware that the delivery failed.) * Messages can also be automatically forwarded to a program by defining a path to the program, for example /home/$utility, in the Pipe to Program field. 3. Click Add Forwarder. To view the route a forwarded message takes, select Trace in the list of forwarded addresses. This makes it possible, for example, to locate a mail routing error.