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How to leverage browser cache?
Leveraging browser cache can greatly improve your website speed and save resourc... more
How to enable gzip compression?
Our servers support both mod_gzip and mod_deflate. If you are not familiar, it c... more
Tracert shows that connection times out at some point.
If you can see that at some node X Your connection times out, it usually means t... more
SMF - Blank page
You can try to resolve this issue by taking these steps: Open the following fil... more
What is CloudFlare? How do I enable?
CloudFlare is a FREE system that acts as a proxy between your visitors and our s... more
How to upload my website?
You must either use FTP (file transfer protocol) client, or upload via our File ... more
How to remove the suspected malware/phishing warning message from my website?
If you see a malware or phishing warning on your website, somebody might have re... more
How to optimize Joomla for better performance?
Joomla script is not a 'heavy' application by default, however, if it is not mai... more
Why does a password-protected directory ask twice for the password?
This is happening because you have a password-protected subfolder on your accoun... more
My Wordpress was hacked, how to reset my admin password?
If your wordpress password has been changed to an unknown value, you can always ... more
How to add file extension to MIME types?
You can add an extension to MIME types with .htaccess file. For example if you ... more
Where is the configuration file for my script located?
We have compiled a list of configuration file locations for most popular scripts... more
I see blank / white page (if website is based on PHP)
If your website is based on PHP, the most common reason for this problem is that... more
Where can I see the templates that you offer?
Every account on our servers already comes with 2 website builders that offer 10... more
My website texts (from files) show up as "???" (incorrect encoding)
It is possible that your files are encoded in the wrong format. You should alwa... more
How to automatically redirect domain from http://... to https://... (redirect via cPanel does not work)
You should edit the .htaccess file on the account and enter these lines: Rew... more
How do I use .htaccess file?
Please check this ultimate guide on using .htaccess files for the best experienc... more
How do I change my website builder template to another?
If you are trying to change your web builder template, you need to start the ins... more
Where can I see my website logs?
You may find all the logs we provide from the cPanel -> Raw Access Log. Choo... more
Can I host proxy sites here?
It's allowed to host proxy scripts for your personal use only. If proxy scripts ... more
Can I host game cheats and hacks?
It's allowed to host game cheats and hacks on our servers. However, please kindl... more
Can timezone be changed via .htaccess?
If you couldn't change timezone using PHP functions in your script, it's also po... more
I see HTTP code 200 when debugging my website
If you see a message (code) like '200 OK' when debugging your site, it means you... more
Could you optimize my website for search engines?
We would love to help you optimizing your website for better rankings in search ... more
I cannot access my website! (because of IP Ban)
Please contact our Help Desk via ticket and let us know Your IP address, we will... more
How can I protect source code of my website?
Source code can not be protected. Anyone can view site source code by visiting y... more
How to disable magic quotes? (by using .htaccess)
You need to put this line in Your .htaccess file in the directory, where You wan... more
Can you show me an example of site hosted with you?
You can review some of our client websites at client reviews page https://www.ho... more
How can I monetize my website?
We would love to assist you monetizing your website, but we do provide only webh... more
Can I host script such as RapidLeech?
Unfortunately, it's not allowed to host RapidLeech script on our servers due to ... more
How to setup Directory Listing
When a web browser is pointed to a directory on your web site which does not hav... more
I see question marks and weird symbols on my site
If strange symbols are displayed on your website, it's related to incorrect data... more
I can't verify my website using Google Webmaster tools
If there are any problems trying to verify your website, it might be there is a ... more
Can I add multimedia content on my website?
You can embed multimedia content on your website without any problems. more
Help, my AdSense ads is not being displayed
If your ads are not being displayed, please make sure your code has been placed ... more
How to build a new website?
It's possible to create a new website in different ways. 1. If you have expe... more
Do you accept PTC sites?
PTC sites are accepted here. However, we allow sending up to 100 emails per hour... more
Can I import my current site into RVSiteBuilder?
RV Site Builder uses its own templates so there is no way to import existing web... more
Do you offer website building tool?
We offer 2 website building tools for our customers - RvSiteBuilder and Zyro bui... more
Can I host affiliate based websites here?
You can host affiliate based websites (with affiliate links, banners, etc.) with... more
How can I add a forum on my website?
You can install forum script automatically using Softaculous section in your cPa... more
Where can I see website builder demo ?
Our RvSiteBuilder demo can be found here: http://www.rvsitebuilder.com/demo Zyr... more
Can I disable stopforumspam on my domain name?
You need to put the following line to the .htaccess file: php_value auto_prepend... more
How to create custom error pages?
To change error page layout, go to Error Pages section in your cPanel. Then, cho... more
Can I copy/paste HTML code on my files directly?
You can edit the HMTL code by using the File Manager in cPanel. Select the file ... more
How can I add logo (favicon) near my address bar?
You can have image near your address bar (favicon) very easily. 1. Create favic... more
I see old content after uploading new files
Most likely, your browser has stored the older copy in its cache for faster load... more
Can I sell stuff on my website?
You are welcome to create an online shop and sell goods on your website without ... more
Help, I can't install Joomla components!
This is a known issue with Joomla script - some components cannot be installed c... more
Can I install nulled scripts here?
Nulled scripts are not allowed here. more
There is a virus on your server!
Please rest assured there are no viruses on our servers, because we use Linux OS... more
My monitoring scripts report site is down
If you use 3rd party monitoring scripts/services, please be aware that we block ... more
Help, my website was hacked!
The most common reasons for a hacked (defaced) website include: - Outdated we... more
Can I use Dreamweaver to publish my sites?
You can use Dreamweaver software to create, upload and update your websites with... more
Images are not displayed on my website
Please make sure images are uploaded to the server. Secondly, check if HTML sour... more
My website can not be found on search engines
This is not related to hosting, and is related to your website only. Please refe... more
How to create an .htaccess file?
Here’s how to create a text file suitable for an .htaccess file: 1. Open up a... more
How do I disable directory listings ('index of' page)?
If you see "Index of /" message and list of your files and directories when visi... more
How to transfer my website to your server?
If your website doesn't use MySQL databases, moving your site is very easy. Simp... more
Do you allow warez linking?
You can link to remote file upload sites like RapidShare, MegaUpload and others,... more
Facebook displays incorrect preview when I share my website
Facebook caches pages, so you just need to get Facebook to update their cache. ... more
How to install scripts?
To install your desired script using auto installer, please log into your cPanel... more
How to block IP using .htaccess file?
You may block access to your website from specific IP addresses using .htaccess ... more