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Can DNS clustering be enabled?
DNS clustering cannot be enabled since it requires significant modifications on ... more
What are my nameserver IPs?
You can find your account nameserver IPs by clicking DNS Details for the respect... more
I want to point mydomain.com MX record to an IP address
You need to add/update these DNS records in cPanel -> Advanced DNS Zone Edito... more
How do I flush DNS?
Please check out these instructions on how to flush Your computer's DNS: http://... more
Why does the nameserver update not work?
Usually, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the nameservers change to take full effect ... more
How can I edit nameservers?
If your domain is registered with us, nameservers can be changed from member are... more
What are Custom Name Servers?
Custom name servers, or vanity names, can be used to customize how your register... more
How to edit MX record?
You can modify MX records yourself at any time. You need to complete these steps... more
How many MX records may I have?
You may add as many MX records as needed. Please be mindful of the priority val... more
How to setup private nameservers?
We recommend using custom nameservers only if you are 100% sure how they work. ... more
How to enable wildcard subdomains?
These are the steps required to enable wildcard subdomains: 1. Log into cPanel.... more
How to edit/change/add CNAME or any other DNS records?
DNS zone records can be managed in cPanel -> Advanced DNS Zone Editor section... more