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How to set up email account on iPhone
Since our servers support POP3, IMAP, and SMTP, setting up an e-mail account on ... more
How to set up email account in Thunderbird
Our hosting packages support IMAP, POP3, and SMTP, so configuring Mozilla Thunde... more
How many email recipients may I have?
You are allowed to send email to up to 10 recipients at a time. Please also note... more
I was suspended for mass mail, help me identify the cause!
We do not monitor individual account scripts for outbound email. Thus, you will ... more
What is the sendmail path?
The sendmail path You should use is /usr/sbin/sendmail If you're having any kin... more
How to set up email account on Android
Setting up an e-mail account on your mobile device can greatly increase your res... more
I cannot receive/send emails
Do you get any errors when you are trying to send or receive emails? Is there a... more
How to setup e-mail piping (not working, issue with cpanel skins)?
All e-mail forwarders can be added via the cPanel -> Forwarders. If you need... more
I cannot send e-mails via [email protected]
It is not possible to send e-mails via the default e-mail account which was gene... more
I need to send mass mail, can I use external SMTP (like Google)?
*Please note this function is not supported on reseller servers.* If you need t... more
My SMTP settings on the e-mail client do not work (the e-mails are not being sent out)
If the automated email client setup fails, or if you enter the details represent... more
How to set up email account in Outlook
You can configure an e-mail account via Outlook without any issues. We support P... more
Address book is gone (after cPanel/Horde upgrade)
In the latest version of Horde, the default view for the address book is "Search... more
I need hosting account for mail only
If you want to use our hosting account for just email, update your MX record to ... more
My new MX record does not work
If you experience any problems with emails after changing your MX records, pleas... more
What is your POP/SMTP information?
You can find POP and SMTP information on the cPanel. 1. Click "Email Accounts" ... more
How can I setup email account?
To add an email account, you need to use Email Accounts -> Add a New Email Ac... more
Do you have exim running on another port?
If your ISP blocks port 25, we can enable exim on port 26. Please contact our s... more
Can I send newsletters?
You can send newsletters (if they are real newsletters and not spam) from our se... more
Can I use SSL with my email accounts?
Yes, our email accounts support SSL (TLS) connections. Set your mail server to ... more
Can I pipe email messages to any file (script)?
To do this, you need to create an email forwarder in cPanel -> Forwarders. Wh... more
Can I block unwanted incoming emails?
You can use SpamAssassin tool in your cPanel to block unwanted emails. Addition... more
How can I setup email forwarder?
To add a mail forwarder: 1. Click Add Forwarder in your cPanel. 2. You can choos... more
Can I install my own webmail client?
You can install your own webmail client, but we can not provide any help install... more
How to setup default (catch all) email account?
To set up your default (catch all) email account: 1. Go to Default Address sect... more
Do you support mailing lists or mass mail?
We do not support mailing lists. Mass mail is strictly prohibited by our terms o... more
I was suspended for mass mail
Mass mail is strictly prohibited by our Terms Of Service: http://www.hosting24.c... more
How do I access webmail?
You can access your webmail at http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail/ or http://serv... more
How to reset email account password?
You may reset your email password by visiting your cPanel's section 'Email Accou... more
What is the limit for sending emails?
You can send up to 100 email messages per hour using Webmail, 19 emails per minu... more