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What is overselling? Is it enabled with Reseller hosting?

Overselling, basically, means to sell beyond the means of delivery.

Maybe an example will help you get a clearer picture.

Let's say you have a package with a 80 GB disk space and 700 GB bandwidth. You start to sell plans with 1GB space and 10GB transfer quota. After selling 70 plans the bandwidth allocated for those 70 clients reaches the limit of 700GB. However, you notice that each month only 275-300 GB of bandwidth are "consumed" by the clients. Then you decide to sell more accounts - over the 700 GB limit of bandwidth. After selling another 10 plans and hosting those websites on that same server, the allocated space totals 80 GB. However, you notice that only about 40 GB of space were used by the customers over the last 6 months. The bandwidth consumption increased as expected at about 325-350 GB per month. So it seems there would be no problem to host another 10 or even 20 customers on that server. Our both reseller hosting plans support overselling, so you can sell more accounts and earn more money.