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Supported Features

What are your server specifications (parameters)?
Our servers use 2 x Intel Quad Core Xeon processors (total 16 processing cores),... more
Do your servers support audio/video streaming?
Our servers support audio and video streaming, but you will need to configure ev... more
Are Your Servers PCI Compliant?
Our servers are PCI compliant as we allocate our servers in PCI compliant data c... more
Do you support node.js?
Node.js can only be run on a VPS server. more
Do you support TUN/TAP?
Yes, tun/tap is fully supported on our VPS servers. more
Can you install fileinfo?
FileInfo can be enabled via cPanel -> Select PHP Version section. more
Twitter issues
Twitter is not supported on our servers at the moment. Twitter administrators ha... more
Is owncloud supported?
ownCloud is not supported on our shared hosting or reseller packages due to the ... more
Do you support podcasts?
Podcasts are not supported here. more
Is Phar supported
Phar is supported over the php selector. You can switch it on in cPanel --> S... more
Do you allow UDP protocol?
UDP connections are fully enabled on our hosting servers. more
Do you support ClipBucket?
ClipBucket is not supported on our servers as it requires ffmpeg (which is not s... more
Can Django be installed here?
Django is supported with our VPS hosting (https://www.hosting24.com/servers.php)... more
Enable cross-origin resource sharing
We do not support this feature on our shared hosting servers. You should upgrad... more
Can I set up vhosts on your hosting?
The set up of vhosts on our systems is not possible. more
Do you support CloudFlare?
Yes, we do support it. To enable CloudFlare, please find the appropriate CloudFl... more
Do you support Zend Framework?
Zend Framework is not supported by our cPanel, however you can still download Ze... more
Can I run redis with shared hosting plans?
You will not be able to run Redis here because it is not possible to compile cod... more
Can I run scgi scripts?
To enable scgi, You need to enter cPanel section "CGI Center" and choose Simple ... more
Can I run SocialEngine?
Yes, it is supported here. more
How many http (apache) connections do you allow (at the same time)?
You can have 30 active http (apache) connections at the same time. more
Do you support Postini antispam?
Yes, we support Google Postini services fully. Please let us know the MX record ... more
Do you support timthumb?
Yes, it is fully supported on our servers. If you have any issues with the scrip... more
Do you support phpSHIELD?
We do not support phpSHIELD. However, f you have phpSHIELD loaders, you can use ... more
Do you support Redmine?
You can install Redmine Ticketing system via the cPanel -> RubyGems. more
Do you support qsappend / QSA redirects on .htaccess?
Yes, they are fully supported. You can see an example for such a redirect by pas... more
Do you support foreign keys in phpmyadmin?
Yes, foreign keys are supported here. more
Do you offer dedicated IPs?
We do not provide dedicated IP addresses. Dedicated IP is only available with a ... more
Is curl supported with https (Curl SSL)?
Curl SSL is fully supported here. To be able to use curl with https, please read... more
Is eyeOS supported?
eyeOS is fully supported on our servers, you can use it. more
I want to discuss the issues on the phone
We do not provide phone support, however, you can always discuss more questions ... more
Do you support OpenSSL?
Yes, we do support OpenSSL on our servers. more
Can I install PHP Fusion here?
Yes, you can install PHP Fusion on our servers without any problems, but we do n... more
Do you support JSON?
Yes, this feature (JSON) is available on our servers. more
Do you support LOADED?
Yes, you can try to install LOADED on our servers. We support all requirements l... more
Do you support PHPmotion?
PHPmotion script is not supported on our servers as it requires FFMpeg (which is... more
Do you offer offshore hosting?
Yes, we have a data center in the UK so we could transfer your account there if ... more
Is .htaccess supported?
Yes, .htaccess is fully supported on our servers. more
Is wildcard SSL supported?
We fully support wildcard SSL certificates. You can install one on our server wi... more
What RAID is being used?
We are using RAID-10 on our servers. more
Do you support wordpress mu? How to install it?
Yes, it is fully supported. Here is a brief tutorial on how to install Wordpres... more
Do you support opencart?
Yes, opencart is fully supported on our servers as it only requires Apache, PHP ... more
Is FastCGI supported on your servers?
FastCGI is not supported on our servers, but we have standard cgi enabled by def... more
Can you offer a VPN connection for me?
VPN connections are supported on our VPS packages only. more
Do you support SQLite extension?
Yes, SQLite extension fully supported. more
Can I use rsync?
Command rsync is available with VPS plan only as it requires SSH access. more
Are sockets supported?
Sockets are fully supported. more
Can additional ports be opened?
Yes, please contact our Help Desk staff by submitting a ticket and specify which... more
What are the benefits of private SSL?
With private SSL you must purchase your own SSL certificate to run the SSL serve... more
What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. What SSL does is encrypt data when it trave... more
Do you support SourceGuardian?
Our servers support Ioncube and Zend encoders. Other encryption modules like Sou... more
Do you support PostgreSQL?
We would like to bring you PostgreSQL support. Unfortunately, it's not supported... more
Do you offer bulletproof hosting?
We do not offer bulletproof hosting services at the moment. more
Can your servers handle SHTML pages?
Our servers can handle SHTML pages without any problems however do note that the... more
Do you support wildcard subdomains?
Wildcard subdomains are supported on our servers. more
Do you allow p2p connections?
We do not allow P2P (or similar) connections on our servers. more
Is gambling content allowed?
Gambling content is allowed on our servers and you can host gambling sites. more
Can I compile scripts or run compiled scripts on your server?
You cannot install any compilers, compile scripts or run compiled programs on ou... more
Do you support .htaccess override?
Yes, we do support .htaccess override on our servers. more
Can I host online game scripts here?
You can host basic gaming scripts which do not run in the background (like simpl... more
Can I host social websites here?
Yes, you can host social websites here without any problems. more
Which ecommerce solutions do you offer?
We have Softaculous auto installer which offers Boxbilling, OpenCart, Prestashop... more
Can I host anime or hentai here?
Yes, you can host anime here. However, keep in mind that hentai is prohibited as... more
Do you support Magento?
Yes, Magento is supported on our servers are you should have no issues installin... more
Can I use chat scripts on my website?
All kind of chats (except IRC) are allowed here. You can add online chat, chat b... more
Can I install Laravel framework here?
Laravel framework is not supported on shared hosting. It can be used on our VPS ... more
Can I setup email auto reply (autoresponder)?
You can setup email auto responder easily. 1. Login to your cPanel. 2. Go to '... more
Do your servers support WebDav/WebDisk?
cPanel's Web Disk feature uses WebDav to connect. If you wish to create a WebDav... more
Do you have XSL(T) processor installed?
Yes, XSLT processor is installed on our servers. more
Do your servers have anti-ddos protection?
Our servers use advanced hardware firewalls to make sure customer accounts are s... more
Can I use AJAX on my website?
Yes, AJAX is based on JavaScript which is fully supported here so you can use AJ... more
Do you provide Windows hosting?
We use CentOS operating system (it's just another Linux distribution optimized f... more
Can you recommend a good billing system for me?
We have Boxbilling billing software available for free for our resellers. Pleas... more
Do you offer RVSKin?
RVSkin is available for our reseller packages only. more
What is dedicated IP? What benefits does it provide?
Generally, having a website on a shared IP address will not cause you any harm. ... more
Do your servers have Flash Media Server installed?
Flash Media Server is not supported here. more
Do you offer phplist?
Yes, you can find such tools in cPanel > Softaculous > Mail section. more
Does your hosting support POP3, SMTP or IMAP?
Our servers support POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols. more
Do you support FXP?
Direct file transfer from one FTP server to another (FXP) is not supported here. more
Can I install ShoutCast on your server?
We do not support ShoutCast on our servers. more
Do you offer VPS?
Yes, we offer VPS hosting. We have several plans and billing cycles you can choo... more
Do you offer dedicated servers hosting?
We do not offer dedicated servers at the moment but we do have a range of VPS pl... more
Can i install SVN packages ?
We do not support SVN software here. more
Do you allow adult content?
We do allow to host adult content, however, keep in mind that if you will get re... more
Can I use temporary URL to access my website?
We do not have a globally working temporary URL. However, you can setup your com... more
Can I place AdSense or other ads on my website?
You are welcome to place any advertisements on your website at any time. more
Does server support SSI?
Our servers support SSI (server side includes) but this feature works with .shtm... more
Is cURL installed on your server?
Curl and CurlSSL are installed by default on our servers. more
Do you provide billing software?
We have BoxBilling billing software available for our resellers. You can install... more
Do you provide MSSQL support?
We support MySQL only (MSSQL is not supported here). more
Can I get shell access?
SSH shell is only available with our VPS packages. You can review and order them... more
Can I run cgi and/or perl scripts on my website?
You can run cgi and perl scripts on your website. Please keep in mind all cgi an... more
Do you support Python?
Python is not supported on our shared hosting servers. We can only recommend You... more
Do you support flash sites?
Flash is fully supported here. Flash is a client side feature - it runs on the u... more
Do you support ASP?
Our servers run Linux OS and ASP is not supported here. more
Where can I see a list of autoinstaller scripts?
We use Softaculous autoinstaller and you can see the list of supported scripts h... more
What languages does your support team speak?
Our support team speaks English only. Please use http://translate.google.com/ to... more
Do you provide phone support?
We do not provide phone support. You can always ask your question via ticket or ... more
Do you support Ruby on Rails?
Ruby on Rails is supported by our servers. You can access the RoR section in cPa... more
Can I install ruby gems?
Ruby gems can be installed very easily from cPanel. However, if you get any erro... more
Do you support sub-resellers?
We do not support sub-resellers with our reseller plans. more
Can I run file sharing or image hosting service?
You can run file sharing or image hosting service here, but keep in mind that we... more
Do you support FFMPEG?
We do not support FFMPEG on our servers. more
Do you support ipnat modules?
Yes, ipnat modules are fully supported on our VPS servers. more
Do you support innodb?
Yes, InnoDB is supported on our servers. more
Do you have SFTP?
SFTP is only available with our VPS packages. You can review and order them at h... more
Is Java supported here?
Our servers support Javascript, but Java applets/servlets (or simply JSP) are no... more