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What is the time zone of your servers?
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time zone is being used in our servers. Global ... more
What is email message size limit?
The current e-mail message size limit is 50 MB. If you need to send larger emai... more
How can I change the server my account is on?
Change of the server may cause downtime of your website for up to 24-48 hours du... more
Where can I read TOS (Terms of Service)?
You can always check our Terms Of Service at http://www.hosting24.com/tos.php more
Where can I find error logs for my account?
You can find your error logs inside your public_html directory, which can be acc... more
My account was suspended for HIGH CPU, how to optimize it?
There are several ways how to decrease the CPU usage for your account, most effi... more
I have canceled my account but WHOIS is still showing my personal details!
Please submit a ticket and we will remove the personal details by enabling priva... more
Why can't I edit all server settings?
We are providing shared hosting services which means that a single server is use... more
Can I upgrade my SILVER / GOLD account to RESELLER?
Direct upgrades from the Gold / Silver accounts to Starter/Business Reseller are... more
How to make directory / file writable?
To make a desired directory/file writable, simply change file permissions to 777... more
Can you merge my two accounts?
It is not possible to merge two different accounts together for technical reason... more
Can I lift CPU usage by paying more?
There is no way to increase server resources for one account, all our servers ha... more
How to change login email or password for members area?
To change members area login email or password, please login to your account and... more
Can I automate backups?
cPanel does not allow webmasters to automate backups in full. You can always ma... more
What is my host directory?
Your host directory is public_html, all files must be uploaded to it. All of t... more
What are the main differences between Silver and Gold packages?
The main difference between Silver and Gold package is that with the Silver pack... more
Do you cancel websites for inactivity?
We never terminate client websites for inactivity. Even if your website has no v... more
I have deleted public_html directory by mistake
We can search for and restore your latest backup (we perform weekly backups on w... more
Do you have any file to download in order to test server speed?
You can test our premium hosting server speed to different data centers by downl... more
How to downgrade an account?
To downgrade an account from Gold to Silver or from Business to Starter, please ... more
I forgot the members area password
If you can not remember the members area password, Please use our password remin... more
How can I find my computer IP address?
Your IP can be found at http://www.ip-adress.com/ or www.ip4.me websites. Please... more
Why can't I reactivate my account?
You can reactivate canceled account(s) from the Members area at any time. Pleas... more
I have questions/problems using affiliate program
If you have any questions (or experience any issues) using our affiliate program... more
Do you have any CPU usage limits?
We allow using up to 50% of CPU power for our customers per website. If this lim... more
What are the differences between public_html and www directories?
There are no differences between public_html and www directories. The public_ht... more
There is cgi-bin directory in my account. What is it for?
cgi-bin directory is created by default when cPanel creates a new account. It's... more
Do you offer demo (trial) accounts?
We do not offer trial accounts but we offer 30 days money back guarantee so you ... more
Can I delete my client profile (whole account)?
We cannot delete your profile (whole account) for security reasons. You can, how... more
Will my data be lost during upgrade?
If you are upgrading from Silver to Gold or from Starter Reseller to Business Re... more
Can I enable anonymous FTP connections?
Anonymous connections can be enabled for websites with dedicated IP (Gold or Res... more
How many accounts do you setup on the same server?
The number of accounts depends on the account type and many other factors, so ea... more
What are your file type and file size limits?
While we do not have any file size limits and you can upload any files with any ... more
How can I edit httpd.conf?
You can not edit httpd.conf file because this is a shared hosting server and the... more
Can I reset my account myself?
You can reset your account in 2 easy steps: 1. Delete all files from public_htm... more
Help, my account was canceled!
Your account was most likely canceled due to fraudulent/incorrect order or payme... more
How to change file/folder permissions?
You can change the file permissions in two different ways: 1. Enter cPanel -&... more
How often do you make backups?
We attempt to make full backups of each site (not exceeding 2GB in disk space) e... more
Where can I see CPU usage logs?
We do not store reports of CPU usage on the server. We only email customers abou... more
How can I get root access?
This is a shared server and root access is not available. We do not allow custom... more
What is the path to my root (home base) directory? Can it be changed?
Your path to home directory is /home/YOUR_CPANEL_USERNAME/public_html/ If using... more
How many files can I store in one folder?
We do not have any limits for files stored in one folder. However, a folder view... more