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I get "421 too many connections" FTP error

If you use FileZilla software:

To limit the number of connections of an EXISTING configured connection, you need to go to the Site Manager, click on the "Transfer settings" tab. Check the "limit number of simultaneous connections", it should be set to 4.

This solves the problem because it limits the allowed connections by FileZilla Client to 4.

If You do not use a configured connection (No site manager), then simply go to Edit -> Settings -> Transfers then in "Maximum simultaneous transfers" put "4".

Make sure that there were no errors during transfer.
All other FTP clients should also have an option to limit maximum simultaneous transfers, so set it as low a possible and you will never get this error again.

To speed up the connection, it is recommended to archive Your data and then upload it.

After that you may use cPanel's "File Manager" to extract the archive to any folder You like.