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Inode limit

Hosting24 has a limit of inodes. You can see your limit by accessing your cPanel, on the right side of the screen.

Here are the limits:
Silver/Starter - 250 000 inodes (300 000 hard limit)
Gold/Business - 500 000 inodes (550 000 hard limit)

NODES represent the amount of all the files located on your hosting account. For example, a mail stored in your account will be 1 inode, a mail which contained 2 attachments will be 3 inodes. Any image file, video, HTML file, folder and script file are considered inodes.

What happens if INODE limit is reached?
Once the INODE limit is reached, you will no longer be able to create any more additional files. Your website might also stop working properly. The solution is to remove any unused website files (logs, uploads, images), emails or empty your mailbox spam folder.